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It’s The Greatest Thing I’ve Seen On The Internet…

But it’s of my child so I’m obvs a bit biased! 

I’ve blogged before about how quirky Ava is

She definitely leans more towards the artistic side. From creating videoes and traditional art to music. She doesn’t really seem to fall into any typical category, she’s way more atypical.

And another example of that, while most girls her age are crushing on Justin Bieber, she is CRAZY about Francois van Coke, Karen Zoid & Jack Parow. Obviously, what she gets to listen to from these artists is limited, because we’re not  completely irresponsible parents and not all their songs are appropriate for a 6 year old. 

Since Ava discovered Jack Parow, she has fixated on the long brimmed cap he wears in his videos and she’s been desperate for one. Then her father, bless him, told her that Jack Parow comes to mommy’s work and mommy will organize her one. This kid, has nagged the hell out of me over the damn cap!

And then, it happened….

Jack Parow did indeed give her a hat and all I can tell you is, her reaction was priceless! We managed to get the whole thing on video, it’s not the best quality because it was filmed outside at night, but you’ll get the gist of her excitement and happiness over the damn hat, which she hasn’t taken off the ENTIRE weekend!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKjJeQskb88[/embedyt]

Her reaction, is’t it one of the greatest you’ve ever seen???

Thank you Jack Parow! You made this little girls entire weekend! 


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