Who would have thought that motherhood could increase my own insecurities!

I mean really, isn’t it bad enough that I have to worry about myself? About how I perform on a daily basis? Am I too fat? Too loud? Too stupid? Too straight forward? Too timid? Too pretty? Too ugly? Too tall? Too short? Too girly? Too unfeminine? *Note I did not include Too thin in there because.. you know.. you can never be too thin!

Now my daughter has to be subjected to the same kind of questions that right now feed into all my insecurities but will one day when she’s old enough to understand, start feeding into all her insecurities.

Why can’t she just be left alone to be a baby? Why does she have to do everything like a little robot exactly according to some chart? Why oh why must people constantly enquire about where she’s at in terms of the varying milestones?

Ava-Grace is 13.5 months old and NO she is not walking. I’m unclear on why this is such a huge issue for everyone. There is no indication that there is anything wrong her developmentally, both physically and mentally, she sat unaided just after 5 months, cut her first teeth at 8 months, leopard crawled at 8 months and crawled at 9 months. She is dead on track with her fine motor skills and ahead in terms of speech. So there really is no reason to think that anything would be wrong and she’ll probably walk when she’s good and ready.

But I hate that question. I get asked it literally EVERY SINGLE DAY! And all it does is feed into all my insecurities about me and the job I’m doing as her mother!