I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, whether or not to take Hannah to see an OT. She has exhibited some behaviors which could be a sign of sensory issues, it could also be a part of her settling after the disruption so early on in her life and issues relating to her placement & post placement stress and grief, it could also just be that she is a difficult and moody child. Either way, I’d like to look into it, just for peace of mind, just to know that we’re doing everything we can to make life easier for her and to understand and accommodate her better.

I have a couple of friends who have children with sensory issues, the more I’ve chatted with them about it, the more I’ve had this feeling like something more is going on with Hannah than just simply being difficult or being bad tempered.

As a second child I have found parenting her as an infant far easier than I did Ava but I have been increasingly more aware that she does not have Ava’s easy going personality, that she is actually quite bad tempered and that’s all fair enough, they are, after all individuals, and so it would be unreasonable of me to expect them to be the same. But Hannah’s temper seems to be sparked by the same things every single day:

  • She HATES having her face touched, touch her face, especially wiping it and she goes ape!
  • She hates getting dressed and undressed and this usually results in a scream-a-thon, most especially when any item of clothing is pulled over her head or onto her arms.
  • She hates having her arms touched and goes berserk when I rub cream on her arms after her bath.
  • She doesn’t like having her chest touched and freaks out when I rub cream on her.
  • She hates loud noises and using any loud household appliance around her usually results in a massive melt down that has her tearful and easily upset for the rest of the day.

Walter has found it difficult to bond with her because he says she’s always crying or fussing and being difficult. Initially I thought it was just that she was bad tempered but we’ve found ourselves tip toeing around her so as not to upset her because once she’s upset she stays that way for the rest of the day and this child will scream and throw a fit till she looses her voice and she can cry till she hucks and has the hiccups.

And maybe it is all perfectly normal behavior for an individual with a less than sunny disposition and that’s fine, but I need to know. I need to know if there is something we can do for her that could make life easier for her. I need to know if this is all just the manifestations of an bad tempered individual, or is it sensory or is it part of her grieving process post placement.