We got really showered with gifts at Hannah’s shower yesterday. But one of the gifts that bought out a flood of tears last night was this one:

Hannah Macaroon

It’s a personalized baby journal from Macaroon’s.  Everyone at Hannah’s shower yesterday wrote in it and I plan to take it with me to Cape Town this weekend to have everyone at my Cape Town shower fill it in as well.

Every message was so very special and last night when I read through them all, they had me in tears. Hannah, like Ava is so very deeply loved by everyone near and dear to us already.

So to both my girls, here is my I Hope list for you:

I hope you love:  deeply & unconditionally & never give up on love!

I hope you become: everything you dream of being, the sky is the limit & you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

I hope you don’t: live your life full of regrets, rather regret the things you did than the things you didn’t do!

I hope you aren’t afraid of: taking chances, the biggest gambles come with the greatest rewards, go for it & NEVER allow fear to hold you back!

I hope you learn to: use your angel wings and fly, to grow up to be strong, independent women!

I hope you get: to live a life filled with abundant joy!

I hope you spend time: living the life you love and loving the life you live!

I hope you never regret: the choices and decisions your parents have made for you, both you Dad and I and your birth parents, who have loved you for afar as much as we have loved and held you up close.

I hope you laugh: at yourself always, life is to short to take yourself too seriously, life is for living to the fullest always!

I hope you respect: yourself ALWAYS! No one else will respect you if you don’t respect you first!

I hope you always: know how much you are loved and cherished by us and by all who know you!