Hannah Goes To School & Other Things…

FullSizeRenderHannah started school last week.

I won’t lie, I was apprehensive. Or at least, I was towards the end of last year, she’s always been a very sensitive child but guys, this little girl has BLOSSOMED in the last few months. It’s no secret that I really struggled to bond with her, she had lots of post placement stress and battled with some sensory issues in the early days. Add to that, Hannah is, and God knows, I love her, but she is the worlds biggest whiner and it drives me to distraction at times. That coupled with the fact that up until just before Christmas, she still wasn’t talking and you can just imagine… she’d whine and moan and cry at the drop of a hat and get so frustrated because she couldn’t communicate and tell us what was wrong. The sound of her almost constant whining was like a red flag being waved in front of a bull for me, I couldn’t handle it. It would push my temper from zero to overdrive in seconds. That sound… like nails down a chalk board, it killed me.

But over the holidays, this cute kid blossomed. She’s still a whiny little pain in the ass at times, but man, she’s gotten so damn cute. She finally started talking and she has THE SWEETEST little voice you ever heard. I still don’t get everything she’s trying to say, but she calls me Mamma, and Walter is Daddy, Ava is Aba and Layla is Lalla. Her favorite game is to point at things and ask for the world, with her cute little pudgy finger she’ll point and say: “Dat?”  With inflection at the end so you know she’s asking a question.

She’s also become VERY nappy aware and I won’t be surprised if we have to start potty training her very very soon. If she wets her nappy, she will come to me immediately, point at her groin and say: “Mamma?” in that cute little tiny voice she has. If she makes a poo, she’ll stand in front of me, legs bent, waving her arm between her legs and indicating her bum, while saying: “Mamma, bum bum!”


She’s also toughened up! All the months and years she has spent being teased by Ava and generally getting the short end of the stick with her older sibling has made her tough and believe me when I say, she ain’t taken no crap from nobody! Now she gives as good as she gets. You take a toy from her, she’ll hit you, point at you, shout at you, scratch you, pull your hair or do whatever she needs to do to get back whatever you took. And I say good for her! Ava is taking some punishment, realizing that her little sister now can and does stand up for herself, she also has no problem coming and telling me when “Aba” has done something to her, I’ve seen some interesting battles occur in our house, where I’m alarmed by the sound of screaming and when I rush into the room, they’re both bent over, each with a hand clutching onto the toy they’re fighting over and the other hand clutching at each others hair… Um, ja, fun times!

So last week Hannah started school and she surprised the hell out of me. She was BEYOND excited! From the night before when she watched me pack her school bag, she kept exclaiming how excited she was. On the big day, there were no tears, in fact, she hardly acknowledged me when I left and drop off has been pretty much the same ever since. She runs ahead, waits for me to open the security controlled gates, runs on into her classroom and kind of shrugs me off when I try to kiss her goodbye or distract her, she’s way to busy with her friends and all the interesting activities in the classroom!

Long may it last!



    • Sharon

      January 19, 2015 at 1:38 pm

      It’s been tough! Especially because Ava spoke sooo early, so dealing with a late talker as driven me up the wall, it’s a phase I’m glad to be past!

  • cupcakemummy

    January 19, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    i can not stand that wine! i think if fysh were a whiner i’d probably be in jail or taken up my mothers offer to adopt him there in the beginning so I totally get the pushing limits bit. when friends have whiner kids i always thank my lucky stars as soon as I’m gone.

    On the other hand though I have a kid who cries every day i drop him off at school, he’s very ma vas and even though he’s fine minutes after I leave it’s the same thing every day. he says he’s excited for big school and he’s been alright at the mention of going back to school on wednesday but i’m still dreading it in fear those tears will be there again.

    • Sharon

      January 19, 2015 at 2:40 pm

      Her class teacher actually mentioned that often the younger sibling with start school with far less fuss because they’ve seen their sibling doing it.
      Having said that, I’ve been lucky with both girls (knocks on wood) in that neither of them have shown any drama or tears when going to school! Long may it last.

  • laurakim

    January 19, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    This is so great Sharon!!

    We actually had the same thing with Emma this holiday. She now seems happy, even excited, to be a part of our family! She is sleeping, growing and just generally a pleasure to be around!


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