Hannah – you are indeed a delight….

And those are words I could never have imagined used to describe our little bird when she was first placed with us, two and a half years ago. I cannot believe that my frightened little bird, who has sensory disorder and placement stress, who couldn’t stand to be touch and would scream when we came near her or scream when we couldn’t hold her,  would spread her wings and develop into the beautiful, independent and delightful child she is today!

Hannah Faith VW

The last month has been a big month for Hannah, our little bird, she’s done a lot of growing up and taken it all in her stride and just handled.

A month ago, we stopped her morning bottle. She whined and cried for 10 minutes on the first morning. She asked for it on the second morning and has all but forgotten her morning botties ever since. She’s not asked once or cried for it ever again.

Then at the start of this last term, we decided to potty train her. She hadn’t really shown much interest in the toilet, but now that winter was well behind us, it was something I really wanted to do and I won’t lie, a lot of the reasons why I wanted to were purely selfish. I know everyone says you should enjoy your babies, they are just babies for a very short time. But the thing is, between Ava and Hannah, we’ve been spending a small fortune on nappies each month for 6 frikkin years and I had reached the point where I was really just GATVOL of changing nappies.

So on a Thursday a couple of weeks ago, I told her she was a big girl and she was going to start wearing panties. No more nappies. She agreed that she was a big girl and couldn’t wait to put on her panties when she saw they were Froze brooks! I showed her where the potty was, how to get her pants down and sit on the potty and then I just left it. She had one accident on that Thursday and one accident on the Friday and by Friday afternoon, she was even emptying the potty herself! I didn’t ask her, or show her how to do that, she just did it. Picking it up, emptying the contents into the toilet and flushing the toilet. All on her own. Then on Saturday, she made a pooh in the potty for the first time and the rest is ancient history! She is now fully trained, aside from nighttime nappies, which we will be dropping sometime this week because she’s woken up with dry nappies for 5 days in a row now. She is especially proud when she pooh’s in the potty, calling us to come and see her “brown bears”!

Hannah Faith VW

We’ve also been prepping her for the last few weeks to give up her dummy by telling her that on Christmas, Santa would come and take her dummy for his reindeer and if she’s a really good girl, he’ll leave her presents. She was quite horrified at the idea and would yell no every time we discussed it and then on Tuesday…. catastrophe….. we lost the dummy.

So after some fast talking about how Santa has obviously decided that she is a very good girl and has collected the dummy early for the reindeer and that she would get spoiled on Christmas day, she cried herself to sleep that night…. asked for a “dudu” (dummy) the second night and has been dummy free without complaint since then.

I’m really hoping the loss of her dummy will help improve her speech. While it has drastically improved over the past 6 months, she has a lisp and tends to drop the first letter off every word which can make it frustratingly difficult (for both her and us) to understand what she wants/needs sometimes.

Hannah Faith VW

She’s still my little pest. She still whines till I want to rip my own ears off to just not hear it anymore. She is the epitome of drama queen but…. she’s a frikking superstar this one.

We got her school report on Friday and I could not be prouder. Her teacher describes her as joyful and delightful and I never thought the day would come…. but I actually agree. My frightened little baby bird is flourishing and she is indeed a both a joyful and delightful child.

Spread those wings and fly little bird…..


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