Swimming with Dada on Christmas Day!
In my Christmas party dress ready for the party!
Getting ready to open pressies…

My last blog posting for 2010, a year of celebration! During this time of reflection, both Walter and I acknowledge that we have  spent a full year, eating, drinking and being merry and while it has been a wonderful year, and the celebrations have been a necessary party of our healing after more than 7 years of struggle, we also acknowledge that at some point the celebrating needs to come to an end. The celebrating has begun taking its toll on both of us, our weight and our health are paying the price for a 12 month celebration. Its time to take responsiblity and time to take action, especially now that Ava has begun eating more grow up food. Not only do we need to be responsbile for our health, but we also need to be setting an example for her.

Speaking of our little miralce, our little missy has started to “talk”. She now waves her hand and says Hi or Bye to anyone and everyone she comes across. She has also worked out her own word for more, espeically in relation to food, if you give her something to eat and she likes it, she makes a sound like ggggggg (clearing of the throat) inbetween mouthfulls and thats her way of signaling that she wants more! She also knows the word “dog”and will point and say “dog”everytime she see’s one.  She has also learnt some filthy habits from her father, everytime he lets off a fart, she will laugh and laugh and then make fart sounds with her mouth!!!  She is becoming cuter and cuter by the day!
Here’s to health, wealth and happiness in 2011, my all your hopes and dreams come true in the year ahead and all your resolutions be realized.
Much love!