As if I weren’t already beyond depressed! As if I wasn’t already heart broken, I just received the worst news imaginable, my best friend, who has suffered multiple first trimester miscarriages, and who’s journey to parenthood has also been painfully long has just found out that yet another pregnancy will end in sadness and misery at 10 weeks.

Please go and give Elize some love. After battling infertility for many years, suffering multiple first trimester miscarriages, she just received the devastating news today at her 10 week scan that the babies heart has stop beating. She’s scheduled for a D&C tomorrow.

My friend, there are no words of comfort, there’s nothing any one can do right now, I know your pain is beyond unbearable! I’m so sorry for both you and Stian and for the shitty hand you’ve been dealt yet again. Know that W and I love you both and that we will do anything you need right now, anything you can’t do for yourself, allow me to do it for you. We love you and we’re heartbroken for you.

There are just no adequate words.