Welcome to my new blog! Some of you may be familiar with my history from my old blog but for those of you who’ve stumbled over here for the 1st time, here is a bulleted version of my IF history:

  • Start TTC’ing 2002
  • 1st Miscarriage – September 2002
  • 14 months to conceive again
  • Miscarry again
  • blurred memories – tests & miscarriages
  • 2004 – 2008 at one of those clinics, you know the one where the Dr’s appear on TV all the time so you think you’re with the best Dr!
  • 4 years wasted doing God knows how many timed & stimmed cycles, 3 IUI’s, 1 IVF with PGD, 1 Cancelled IVF and 1 Straight Up IVF
  • All failures
  • 6th Miscarriage after natural conception
  • Get fed up…. move to new clinic
  • Have my FIRST EVER HSG
  • Hydrosalpingus, uterine scarring, partial septum, polyp diagnosis = RE convinced the cause of my mc’s is all structural
  • 2nd Lap to fix structural issues
  • another year of TTC natural = I’ve completely lost the ability to conceive
  • March 09 – Long Protocol IVF with Intralipids = BFN
  • September 09 = planned Fet #1

So that’s where I’m at!