Let me just say….. I have many strong points…. one of them being my ability to laugh at myself and have good naturedly allow others to laugh at me. Ja, ja, laughing with me, at me, whatever….

One of the things I totally SUCK at is anything crafty. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, it’s not my strength, it never will be. I have tried time and again to do crafty things and I fail miserably each time…. Or rather, I start out with gusto and rapidly become bored and frustrated with my creations.

This here blog is about the only thing I’ve done that falls, ever so slightly, into the creative spectrum, that I’ve stuck with. I hate cooking, I cant’ stand baking, I hate anything creative that is tedious, time consuming or messy and I don’t have a creative eye for flare…. I simply SUCK at getting my crafty on.

So you can imagine the horror when I received a note from Ava’s school about the Easter Hat parade! I frantically took to Pinterest creating a board with inspiration for this hat the I now have to create. Because let’s be honest, what 3 year old is actually going to create their own hat? Sure they help, Ava helped but between her 3 year old ability and my total lack of creative streak…. what we’ve come up with is actually really….. um…. funny? Hilarious?! Every time I’ve shown it to anyone, I’ve presented our creation and backed it up with an “It’s ok, you can laugh!?”

So Interwebs, true to my word…. here it is and really, it’s ok, you can have a laugh.






Did you have a good laugh??? You’re welcome!