Here’s To Being An #OrdinaryMom


I think we deserve our own damn hashtag!

Or at least I think I do! I’m I’m not a #SuperfitMom, #HotMom, #HellicopterMom, #CraftyMom, #HipsterMom or even a #PinterestMom. For the longest time, I tried to be all those things but with time and maturity, I have learned to embrace exactly who I am! But defining an ordinary mom is more difficult to do because she is so many things wrapped up in an ordinary package that makes her quite extraordinary!

I shared this on Facebook earlier this week and it would seem it resonated with many of you!

So what is an #OrdinaryMom?

She’s the woman I see when I look in the mirror every day. And you may see her reflected back at you too.

Tired, a little rough around the edges, her clothes are worn, her makeup is smudged, she’s scratching her head over what to cook for dinner while cursing the damn lunch boxes she still has to pack! She sends shop bought cupcakes for bakers day and birthday ring. She’s juggling a million balls and still finding the time to keep on hustling. She mostly doesn’t fit in with the school mom cliques (Oh lordt, I learned that lesson a loooong time ago. But that’s a story for another day) and frankly, she doesn’t really care that she doesn’t fit in. 

She throws the simplest kids parties because she’s learned that as long as there’s a cake (shop bought or homemade) a few friends and some sweets, the kids don’t care about the rest. She doesn’t dress her kids in designer gear, heck, she doesn’t dress herself in designer gear. Her makeup is all drugstore bought and she knows she’s rocking her look. She claims who she is and knows that when she tries to be who she isn’t, she will fail.

She’s brave and strong and unafraid to show her true self, warts and all. Her life is less than perfect and she embraces that. She inspires other mom’s with her ordinariness and she’s extraordinarily proud of that. 

Some may think she’s a #BadMom but she knows in her heart she’s a good mom because she loves her children with all her heart, she sacrifices for her children every day but still manages to retain her dignity and her strength and she does it with grace and love.  The Ordinary Mom is confident in who she is, she embraces herself and never loses her sense of self amidst the chaos and mayhem of motherhood and she makes no apologies for who she is! 

She’s literally winging her way through life & motherhood, one triumph and one fail at a time!

So yeah…. #OrdinaryMom

She deserves her own damn hashtag…… #OrdinaryMom

Cheers to the #OrginaryMom’s!


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