Holiday Goal Smashed! #EatDrinkBeMerryNotFat

Today, ironically timed, is exactly two years since I began my life changing banting journey, to a healther, slimmer, fitter, stronger version of me. I could never have dreamed when I first embarked on this journey two years ago, that I would experience the benefits and changes of this lifestyle that I have. In my first year, I lost just under 35kg’s and not only did I transform my body but my health at the same time. 

Then the challenge ended and Christmas holidays 2014 rolled around and I fell off the banting wagon and gained 6kg’s while on holiday, just eating whatever and drinking too much and while I have maintained my weight for a year post the challenge in 2014, I have not achieved my goal weight, oddly, I am ok with that. Just having maintained for a year, on a lifestyle that the critics claim is not sustainable is good enough for me.

Then Christmas holidays 2015 rolled around and I won’t lie, I was scared. It’s Christmas. It’s holidays, that means, eating, drinking and being merry and I knew that I’d feel deprived if I didn’t at least partake in the festivities. Deprivation is not a good look on me. Deprivation brings out the glutton in me. So I decided, rather than spend the holidays feeling deprived, I would indulge in the eating, drinking and being merry but that I would focus on my activity levels over the course of the holidays. I would “earn” the food I indulged in. 

My plan was to run a minimum of 5km’s 6x a week while on holiday.


Day 4 of #EatDrinkBeMerryNotFat and it was another scorcher even at 6am! #runrevolution

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Day 7 of #EatDrinkBeMerryNotFat it was tough in tired legs after yesterday’s 10km! #runrevolution

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Well I didn’t quite make my goal, I did run, a lot, I ran 10 times during my 13 days of vacation time. That’s 11 5km runs and then I also managed to squeeze in two 10km runs too!

I won’t lie guys, it was hard and it took some serious commitment but guess what? It was totally worth it! I managed to make it through the festive season having gained zero weight and I did not feel deprived in anyway. Best of all, just that two weeks of committed running dramatically increased my strength and my fitness. 

I managed to shave almost 40 seconds off my average pace and I’m able to stretch the distances I run in my run/walk strategy so it paid off.

It was hard though, and it took some sacrifice. I woke up at 5am on the days I run on holiday. I set an alarm and got up at 5am to prepare to run, no holiday lie in’s for me. I was up at 5am  10 times these holidays. But it was so so worth it. 

I really feel like that running did incredible things for my base fitness and now I just need to stay focused to have success. 

As of yesterday I’m also back banting and I’m excited for what 2016 has in store for me!


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  • Reply Getfithappyhealthy

    Well Done Sharon! such determination and commitment, I started to get back on track in december, which was hard with all the festivities but so worth because I feel like I started the new year a month ahead of everyone else. yay! to 2016 and smashing goals and feeling great!

    January 6, 2016 at 11:24 am

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