Where has the time gone? How did this happen? How did I get to be so damn lucky???!!!

This time 6 months ago, I was standing in a delivery room, watching a woman I’d only met about 12 hours previously, writhe and moan as she laboured to birth my baby, our baby. I still cannot believe that God granted us such an incredible miracle. I still cannot believe that my 7 years and 5 months (to be exact) ended so abruptly and so suddenly. Me? A mother? It’s still completely surreal.

What is even more surreal is how we got this beautiful little creature:

My scrunchy munchkin about 5 hours after birth!

To this little girl, it’s so surreal, Ava has turned into a little girl over night and I just know from how she loves her bows and clippies that she’s going to be a girly girl!

Holy Cow! I'm 6 Months Old!!!!!

Just look at the little poser madam has become:

Posing for the camera!

And please take note of the ponytail!!!!

Please note the tuft of hair is actually a pony tail!

My eyes still fill with tears every day as I look at this precious angel and realize how God has blessed us. He answered my prayers and gave me so much more than even I could have dreamed for myself.

Mommy loves you darling, in ways no words could ever adequately describe!