I have just received THE BEST news, well at least the best news in the last few months. Of course, hearing we’d been selected by a birth mum was THE BEST news and hearing that we’d made it through the 60 days cooling off period was THE BEST news but this comes as close to that news as possible.

It only took six and a half months! But finally our Final Adoption Order has been approved and signed by the magistrate and has passed through the courts and is, as we speak being couriered to the Pretoria registration of adoptions.

Thank you God that our adoption is now official and in a couple of weeks we will be able to start the arduous process of having Ava’s name changed. I am forever thankful to our birth mum for registering Ava as Ava Grace so we only have to have the surname changed, but from what I’ve heard from my fellow adoptive mom’s, it’s going to be a long and frustrating process regardless. But we’re another step closer.

In few months from now, I will have a birth certificate that lists Ava Grace van Wyk’s birth mother as Sharon Anne van Wyk and her birth father as Walter van Wyk and all prior records will be sealed!

Whoop whoop!


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