I received this from SilentGrief.Com yesterday:

What am I going to do today?  Every day that is the most

difficult question that a person who is suffering loss faces.

Am I going to get up and get out of bed, OR am I going to

pull the covers up over my head and not face the day?

Grief is hard work.  It is painful.  It is lonely.  And, nobody

can do the hardest part of grief work for you – feel the pain.

Yet….we have help along the way.  Every one of us has

an extra source of help called “HOPE” that is laying dormant

inside the depths of the heart.  And, when we call on this

HOPE, we can be certain we will be given the strength we

need to face the day – hour by hour at first, but we will be

given the strength to get through each day!

Are you having trouble facing today?  Call on your source

of HOPE and wait for an answer.  Sometimes it comes in the

form of a butterfly lighting upon your windowsill.  Maybe

you will see hope in a fluffy white cloud that is in the sky.

Perhaps you’ll see hope spelled out in a rainbow that follows

a storm.  Or maybe your hope will come in the still whisper

of the gentle breeze blowing in your ear that reminds you

that you are never, ever alone.

hour by hour, minute by minute, hope by hope!”  –Clara Hinton

Take courage in today, and look for YOUR special HOPE!

It’s there, and it will not fail you.  Don’t worry about tomorrow

as that’s another day.  Just look for your HOPE for TODAY,

and be assured that you will get through!  –Clara Hinton

“Today I will deal only with today, and I know that I can do it”

I found comfort in these words. God knows, I’ve survived/thrived through the last 7 years because of hope and my addiction to it. Because I refuse to be beaten down but the curve balls life throws my way. I’m not going to lie, the last two weeks have been painful, overwhelmingly painful, at times I’ve felt like I would be overwhelmed by the sadness. At times I thought I’d be suffocated by the sadness. But I refuse to lie down, give up and be beaten by infertility. None of us know why bad things happen to good people, they just do. I’ve stopped asking why me, why my journey has to be so hard, why can’t I be on of those women who…. whatever, there’s no point in asking those questions because there are no answers to those questions. Only God knows why. And I know/trust/believe that He is preparing us for something great, I’ve always believed it, I’ve always known it. All that we can do is cling to our hope and our faith and do everything within our power while waiting on God for Him to unfold his plan.

That gives me hope! Knowing there is a plan, I just have to wait on it. I have to work for it, but its there, it will be revealed sooner or later! That gives me hope, not a butterfly, not a cloud or a rainbow, but that knowledge is what gives me hope.