I Had Aphukenbrake & It Was Amazing

One of the perks (not if you’re my husband) is that I get to travel. Every quarter, I need to do a country trip to visit all our agents around the country, this includes trips to the Eastern Cape, Garden Route, Durban, Free State, (hopefully) Namibia and Cape Town! And honestly,each trip feels like a mini vacation, an opportunity to recharge! 

Mommy Guilt

The entire time on the trip, I felt guilty. I felt guilty that I was away from my children and I felt guilty that it didn’t feel like I was working, which is ridic, because of course, the whole purpose of the trip is to work! So yes, score for me, my work didn’t feel like work!

We had the MOST amazing accommodation!


I felt like a real grown up, getting to stay in a place that was not filled with kids toys, shouting and noise. 
And of course, I work with my bestie, so the entire trip was amazing we worked really hard but we had such a great time doing it!

What we didn’t do…

Was go to bed early or eat a single healthy meal, but it was so so amazing. It was just what I needed after the long ass staycation…. A chance to reclaim my identity separate from being a mom. 

We also got to catch up with my favorite, Maz over a hell of a lot of wine and a lot of laughs!


I love these girls so so so so so much. My soul sisters. One night is just not enough time.

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I got to have a sleepover with my cousin on Friday night and her 14 year old daughter gave us both makeovers!

It was Aphukenbrake!  

Parents, let me explain, Aphukenbrake is something we all need from time to time! 

It was like a mini break from life and just what I needed! Even though we worked (and played) really hard, it was the perfect reset that I needed to keep going this year.

Next up…. Durban…. see you on Thursday!


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  • Nicole Wooldridge
    Reply Nicole Wooldridge

    Carly Wernich Emma Haigh

    February 5, 2018 at 8:58 am
  • Reply Maz

    It was so so so so great seeing you!!! We are coming up to JHB next weekend, not sure what the plan is though…. eek

    February 6, 2018 at 9:46 pm
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