Its been a month since I took my first Cipralex and I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in years. My out of control anxiety seems to be in check, I don’t seem to have knots in my stomach and my shoulders hunched permanently. I haven’t cried for absolutely no reason in weeks and my thought processes seem to be a lot clearer.  Although, I’m still having to deal with bizarre mistakes and errors that I made during the period between my failed IVF and going on the AD’s. And while my thought processes are clearer, I’m still feeling conflicted on how to proceed in terms of further treatment.

I’ve also noticed a change in my eating patterns, I don’t seem to be craving high carb/high fat foods and the best of all – be warned, a TMI moment coming up – my s.e.x. drive seems to be returning to normal, something I think W is very grateful for. After years and years of just not being in the mood, I’m finally capable of getting in the mood or simply just waking up in the mood.

My script runs for another two months but I think I’m going to ask for an extension on it, I don’t want to come off the AD’s only to be dumped into another massive bout of depression. But for now I’m enjoying just feeling happy and even though I’m still conflicted, I have a contentment that wasn’t there before.

I *heart* Cipralex!