I *heart* Motherhood…

Well mostly because this week has been filled with some pretty awesome things…..

1.  Ava got her second tooth, and while the teething phase has not been fun, its been pretty awesome to watch as Ava discovers her teeth.

2.  Ava has learned to kiss and now everytime when I come home from being at work or being out, when I pick her up and kiss her, as I always do, she grabs my face between her hands and gives me great big opened mouthed kisses, which often are followed by little bites with teeth on my chin.

3. I have, since Ava was born, always referred to myself in the 3rd person when talking to her, I always call myself Mama and while she has been able to say Dada and Baba and is pretty good with their association, she has not said Mama. That is until yesterday morning. She was rolling about on the floor and started showing the signs of being ready for her first morning bottle and her first nap of the day and she looked up at me with these big eyes, stretched out her arms and said “Mama”! I totally melted!!!

Oh and this is what I found yesterday… Ava is in a rear facing car seat on the back seat of the car, so I can’t see here when we drive in my car, just the back of her head. Yesterday on way home from Kinder Music, I noticed she was vey quiet, when I got home, this is what I found:


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