I Know What A Privilege It Is To Be A Mother!

Today we treated Ava to another first… her very first theatre production. After reading the rave reviews from both Melinda and Nicki, we apprehensively decided to book tickets and see how Ava coped, having to sit still, in the dark and watch a show for just short of an hour. We headed off to Monte Casino feeling rather anxious about what could potentially lay ahead.

We needn’t have worried. Aside from being fidgety and irritated and trying to escape for the 15 minutes that we were in our seats and waiting for the show to start, Ava sat glued to my lap, open-mouthed and staring at the stage for the entire 50 odd minute production. She was completely taken with the Lion and the Rhino and kept turning to me and exclaiming loudly: “Lion dancing” or “Rhino singing” through out the show.

In open-mouthed awe at what was unfolding on stage...

I felt slightly ridiculous for about the first 20 minutes of the show. I had that SAME reaction I have each time I experience something special with our miracle child. I started to cry. As the music & singing started, so did the great big crocodile tears that slid down my cheeks.

I really don’t know how to explain it, or why, 2 years after Ava’s birth, I’m still completely disbelieving that we’ve actually made it. That after such a long and hard struggle we are in fact parents, we have a child and I am a mother.  But I sat there in the dark theater, with Ava’s warm body pressed against me and I couldn’t stop looking at her in wonder, listening to the sounds of all the other small children in the theater, with their mom’s and dad’s and thinking to myself: I can’t believe I am here. I can’t believe I’m so privileged to get to experience this, I never thought I’d get to do things like this in my life. And then of course feeling really ridiculous and hoping that no one had noticed me surreptitiously wiping away my tears.

Ava was an angel for the entire show and she was most in her element when at the end of the show, the house lights came up, we were all asked to stand and dance to the last song as characters from the show walked through and danced in the isles. She could not believe it when the Rhino came and stood right next to her and then had a little dance with her.

She also thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the Monte Casino outing, we saw Father “Mickmus” and two of his elves, we saw men walking with giant balloons, which Ava managed to convince *read tantrum* me to buy her an oversized Minnie Mouse balloon that cost and arm and a leg and is about 3 times her size.

How cute is she??

It was a really special day and a day where I am once again reminded not just how lucky I am to have the privileged of experiencing motherhood but also how lucky I am to know what a privilege it is to be a mother!


  • darylfaure

    December 16, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    You are not alone Sharon, I cry at the most silly things I get to do with Dylan too. I still cannot believe that we almost didn’t get to experience this, and I hope I never get to the stage where I take it for granted.

  • Lena

    December 17, 2011 at 5:08 am

    Sharon you are so very not alone in the tears. Ty is 5yrs now and I STILL tear up when we do something new and exciting like the panto this year, or the under-privileged child’s present which Ty made a card to go with on his own accord today. Every moment is one to treasure and record for you never know how long you (or they) have in this world.
    She is SO cute! Happy Christmas to you all.

  • diairesofawhitemomraisingablackbabym

    December 17, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Phew…relieved you enjoyed it. Was so nervous our recommendation would fall a little flat xxx loved this post Sharon. It was like us sitting at the Spur the other day while Emma played in the kiddies area. For some parents it might feel like such a grind but there Mark and I sat, thrilled that at last we were watching our daughter play…

  • theroleiplay

    December 21, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Wow…this post had me almost in tears. I feel that way too at times , I wonder if I’m really really really a mom & this child is really all mine to love & care for & bring up & experience new things with! and I never went through a fraction of what you did to have a child so I can only imagine how amplified the feeling must be for you. Great post.

  • Julia

    January 4, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Beautiful post. I get it but in a slightly different way, I STILL get excited that my 11-year old boy can read. I LOVE listening to him and it makes me smile EVERY SINGLE TIME!
    LOL…I suspect that I’m going to feel the same once Joel can go potty.


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