So I duly went and did the stupid, pointless Beta this morning. Guess what the result is???? C’mom, guess???

YES! You’re right! Its Negative!!!!!!

But guess what else??

As if to prove a point, the point being that some of us are destined to walk a harder, longer, more painful journey to motherhood than others and that I fall into this category, you know the answer simply couldn’t just be Negative, stop your meds, let your period start, we’re so sorry. Oh no. That would be far too simple, that’s what happens to other people when they have treatments, not to me. So just for a little bit of extra fun, to make sure I’m well and truly tortured by this process. Guess what the IVF Co-ordinator told me???

She kakked (shat) me out for testing 5 days early and told me, I may NOT stop my medication, instead, I should continue to pretend like there’s some hope, continue taking the stupid meds and retest again on Monday! Yay!!! I’m so f*cking lucky! I mean lets face, it, its plausible to believe that the blood test results, 9dp5dt, could change from a stone cold negative today to a bright, shiny positive on Monday! Of course it can, in f*cking fairyland!!!!!!!!!!