Today is the first day back at school and Ava has been besides herself with excitement since yesterday about going back today! With that in mind, I really thought we’d have an easy morning but this morning was anything but easy. In fact it turned into a mammoth battle of wills, complete with snot and hiccuping from all the crying.

It all started because madam has now decided that she will from now on only eat pink Barbie yoghurt’s.  She doesn’t care that the six pack of Barbie yoghurt’s comes in a variety of flavours. She does not care that I can not magically make the manufacturer of said Barbie yoghurt’s produce a special 6 pack just for her of only pink yoghurt’s. Getting her to eat breakfast this morning was a task that would seriously test my patience. After opening 3 different Barbie yoghurt’s, we finally found one that suitable to madam’s taste. I have decided to stop at my local super market on the way home to buy some pink food colouring and have devised a devious plan to recolour all of Ava’s bloody Barbie Yoghurt’s to pink so that we don’t face this issue in future!

From there we moved to her bedroom to get dressed for school. Following last week’s post about the very specific idea’s Ava has about what she will and won’t wear, I took your advice and have resorted to laying out two different outfits each morning for madam to choose what she wears each day. We have had reasonable success with this method and this morning Ava decided she would wear her Dora t-shirt along with matching leggings. Great! Get her dressed and now its time to push shoes on. She see’s these shoes and all hell breaks loose:

Now, while I am prepared to let certain things slide and do try to pick my battles with her. At some point she is going to need to learn, that as stubborn and strong willed as she is, some things are just not going to be negotiable and one of those things is wearing shoes to school.
What followed was a wresting match, where my child displayed some freakishly incredible strength. In the end it took both Walter, Loveness and I to get her shoes on. There was kicking, there was screaming, there was snot, tears and gob flying. It took 3 attempts to get both shoes onto her feet and to keep them on. During that time she changed alliances constantly. From screaming for Loveness to help her against her evil parents, to only wanting her Daddy or Mommy and yelling at Loveness to get away.
By the time we were ready to leave the house, I was seriously flustered, hot and sweaty and in a seriously bad mood.
So we get into the car, her still hucking for breath from all the crying and we drive to school. Half way to school she cheers up and I’m instantly relieved. No more tears just happy proclamations of how she can hear her friends at school calling her already and how much she has missed her teacher. At this point I’m thinking she must have some kind of mood disorder that she can swing from being seriously pissed off and crying hysterically, to happy and sunny in the space of a couple of minutes.
The reason for the sudden change in mood became apparent when we got to school! She was happy because she knew she’d won the battle, the offending shoes were off!
So I lost the battle today, but the war on shoes is not over yet.
Round 1 goes to the ever determined Ava-Grace!