Children, in all their innocence, can say some really embarrassing and inappropriate things at times. I’ve often laughed at stories other mom’s have shared about how their child has asked, in the outside voice, why the lady in the checkout at the supermarket is so fat or why someone is in a wheelchair etc. I always thought these stories were really funny, mostly because I’d never had to experience it first hand, until yesterday……

We attended a family function, attending the function with us was one of Walter’s cousin’s best friends, a really pretty young woman and really inspiring to. She was born with a birth defect, leaving her with only one leg and arms that resemble the birth defect that resembles the birth defects seen in children who’s mother’s where prescribed Thalidomide when pregnant. This young woman is a 8 x competitor of the Midmar Mile and has won it 7 times under the disabled category. She’s lovely, inspiring, interesting to watch and a really sweet person. But Ava nearly killed me yesterday.

From the moment we walked in, she pointed at her and in the loudest voice possible exclaimed: “Look Mama, broken arms!”

I’m not someone who gets embarrassed, I don’t know why, but I just don’t embarrass easily but as soon as I heard those words, I felt my entire body heat up and the blush creep into my face , even the tips of my ears were burning!

I tried to not make a big issue and said yes, I see and then left the room to go and sit in the dining room, where Ava followed me and exclaimed even louder: “Mama, that lady in there has BROKEN ARMS!”

Yes my angel I saw.

I swear I prayed in that moment for a sink hole to appear in the floor and for me to fall right into the middle of it. My face was on fire, I was so embarrassed and was so desperate for to just… SHUT… UP!

No such luck of course!

For the entire afternoon, each time we past her, each time we walked past where she was sitting, Ava would point and exclaim: “Look, BROKEN ARMS!” I even heard her going around to every single person at the function and saying to them: “That lady has BROKEN ARMS!” Can you say MORTIFIED????!!!!!!!

And then just when I thought it could not get any worse, after watching in utter fascination as a Pinata got smashed and sweets had scattered across the floor, Ava dived on top of them and proceeded to hand them out to everyone in the room, when she came to the lady with the “broken arms”, she stood in front of her, staring at her deformed arms, with the thumb like protrusions where her elbows should have been but where her arms ended and proclaimed loudly: “Your ARMS ARE BROKEN, you can’t open the sweets!” Kill me, kill me now!

One thing is for sure, I was quite unprepared for to cope in an embarrassing situation like that, I wasn’t sure if I should apologize  for Ava’s curiosity and open mouthed staring and exclaiming, or if I should just shrug it off in the hope that this girl is used to getting such reactions from children, all I will say is that I’m bloody glad she was wearing jeans so that Ava did not see her prosthetic leg because that would only have added to hot, red flushes and prayers for the ground to open up and swallow me!