The nice things I said about Gestone! Its a son-of-a-bitch! I take it all back! I’ve cried every night since Monday,  when getting into bed from the pain in my very lumpy, very bruised bum! I was so excited yesterday when my IVF coordinator informed me that she was discussing with my RE taking me off the Gestone in light of my blood result as it was often protocol to do so. My RE’s response – not taking any chances with me, we can discuss at my 7 week scan but till then I have to continue with the daily Gestone! That’s another TWENTY shots in my bum before there’s even a remote chance of stopping!

I also received another 10 Estra-Derm patches. Which are still giving me a rash. My stomach looks like a checkers board, its just one mass of red, square splotches!

But I keep reminding myself …. no pain … no gain!