That’s what today involved for Ava and I think she loved every moment of it.  It was her playschool’s Christmas party today and boy did little Missy have fun.

Fun aside, there was also a lesson to be learned for all the children, about how Christmas is not just about receiving gifts, but giving too. The school decided to support a local children’s home and we were each asked to select the names of children we were willing to buy Christmas gifts for from the home. When Father Christmas arrived, all the kiddies got a turn to go up to him and hand over the gifts they had bought for the children.

The weather was fantastic and the party was held in the school’s playground, where extra paddling pools & jumping castles and water slides had been set up. Ava had the best fun and proved to be quite a dare devil launching herself off the side of the slippery, wet, jumping castle slide.

After a day of ice cream, swimming, running, sliding, jumping and whatever other physical activity a toddler can do, little Ava-Grace clutched out earlier than usual this evening after the days festivities and now mommy plans to do the same!