I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours…

Yesterday we were invited for lunch at  Ava’s best friends house. I’ve mentioned before that Ava’s best friend is a boy, Tristan. These two really love each other. Like REALLY love each other! Of course, like all almost 3 year old’s, they fight and have issues sharing toys with each other, but mostly they simply adore each other.


It was a great day, the kids played nicely, for the most part, the dad’s got involved being human horsey’s and human May poles.


 Tristan is busy potty training. And what happened yesterday had us all in fits of giggles. At one point, Kate told Tristan it was time to make a wee and he could make a wee in the garden. As innocent as kids are at this age, it was no problem for him, he simply yanked his pants down right there in the middle of the lawn and started making a fountain like wee onto the grass. Ava was fascinated by this, clearly recognizing that he had different bits to her and could do something she couldn’t. In between fits of giggles, she kept yelling at him:
“Do it again! Do it again!”
As if he was some kind of magician who had just performed the most amazing trick!
When she realized that he simply couldn’t just perform on demand, she decided to try it herself and promptly yanked down her own pants to try and make a fountain wee on the grass! Well…. Tristan’s reaction to seeing that Ava’s bits were different to his were hysterical! He stood a safe distance away from her, just in case she did manage to make a fountain,  got down on his haunches and stared at her girly bits with a rather puzzled expression on his face!
Of course us parents were in fits of giggles at the innocence of the situation.
But I’m pretty sure in 10 years from now, those kinds of situations for us grown-ups will not be funny… no not at all!





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