And unless you live in a little, dark, cave somewhere, you probably knew I was joking right? I suppose, if you live in a little, dark, cave somewhere you probably won’t be reading this and you have no idea about this FB campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The campaign has caused quite a stir and I see there is a lot of blogging about this topic. When I first started seeing similar status updates on people’s FB accounts, I initially got all excited for them thinking they were pregnant. But as more and more of these types of statuses appeared I twigged that it must be some kind of awareness campaign.

I did note that not one of my friends participating in the campaign thought to include me on the inside “joke” and to be honest I’m glad they didn’t. Imagine seeing “I’m 10 weeks & craving Jelly Tots” as my status? Me who’s never gone beyond 7 weeks of pregnancy, me who has been openly and honestly fertility challenged with my friends and family. Imagine all the messages of congratulations and yay, you’ve finally made it, followed by the statement sure to come: “I told you if you adopted you’d get pregnant” and the whole can of worms that would open from those not aware of this campaign.

Imagine the deafening silence which would follow my “just kidding” response?

I’m glad none of my friends tried to include me in this, IMO, silly campaign. I think for me to participate would firstly be in bad taste and secondly, I think it would hurt me to put something up as my status, something which will never be true for me.

I read a very interesting article on this new “fake pregnancy” breast cancer awareness campagin, one written from the angle of infertility and it really struck a chord with me.  You can read it here. I personally know a few women walking the sad and difficult path of infertility due to cancer and/or cancer treatment. I really do wonder how they feel about this campaign?

My other issue with the campaign, as well meaning as it may be, is this: I’m quite sure that the majority of women who use FB are breast cancer aware. I don’t believe these types of campaigns hit the targets they’re aiming for. I feel quite sure that the women who need to be made aware of the dangers, pitfalls and checks for breast cancer are not using FB.

My last issue with this campaign is one of those “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario’s. I’m glad I was not included in it. I’m glad that my friends had the forethought and common sense not to include me in something that has the potential to hurt me, but on the other side, it’s yet another side of the coin where, I will always be excluded from certain things, no matter how trivial or silly, because of the alternative path I’ve been placed on.