It always amazes me when I read on forums or chat with my fellow infertile friends just what a contradiction I really am. I have cycles most infertiles would kill for, aside from the odd out of whack cycle, I am 99% of the time, dead regular. I have perfect 28 day cycles, I ovulate perfectly between day 13 & 14. Most of the little gimmicky fertility aids that don’t work for most of my infertile friends work perfectly for me. Today is another case in point……..

I’ve been having fertile cervical mucus since yesterday, I had a significant drop in BBT yesterday morning, I had a positive OPK last night and I have a strong “ferning” result on my ovulation microscope this morning which was showing a transition result yesterday. My chart for this cycle, so far is showing pretty much picture perfect:

So why the hell can’t I have a baby? The only conclusion I can come to, and this after undergoing every blood test and fertility test known to man kind TWICE, is that my new Fertility Specialist, Dr G, MUST be right. He firmly believes that the reason for all my miscarriages was the septum and scarring in my uterus, combined with the very badly messed up right fallopian tube from an emergency apendix removal as a child. He strongly suspects that the muck trapped inside my blocked tube was the biggest culprit. And I’m starting to believe that perhaps he is correct. There is no other explanation, so aside from the very odd hostile cervical mucus, which I’m hoping to remedy with the use of Preseed, there really is NO reason why my DIY cycles should not work. I just need to be patient, I’m not 30 anymore, I’m on the downward slide to 40, so its unrealistic of me to expect that I’m going to fall pregnant like I did in my early 30’s. 

On another note, please can I ask you to send lots of love and support to two very special people in my life:

My friend, Elize, had her second laparotomy performed yesterday. It was a long and arduous 3 hour operation, please will you all pray for her speedy recovery and for the realization of her dream of a baby of her own. Her husband is checking her blog during her hospital stay, so perhaps you can send her some messages of support?

My friend, Sam, is scheduled for her beta test on Friday after her first FET. She’s slowly loosing her mind amongst all the anxiety that one can only experience during the 2ww after an IVF and she needs all the love, support and reassurance she can get right now.

I may be requiring some TLC by Friday as I head into my ten billionth (well it feels like that ok?) 2ww!