Actually…. I’m not. I’m working… I’m working my ass off like I’ve not worked in a long time. Only, I’m doing something I enjoy so much it doesn’t feel like work. As I type this, it’s 9pm, my children have been asleep for two hours and my husband is watching TV – which is code for snoring on the couch. And me? I’m up in our home office, banging away at my keyboard.

I have LOVED every moment of my maternity leave, even though I’ve not taken a single afternoon nap or slept when the baby slept. My maternity leave has involved very few coffee dates with other mom’s and instead has involved long walks with my iPod blaring while my mind works overtime. It’s involved strategic meetings and discussions, brainstorming and risk taking and I have not felt this alive or energized by “work” in a very long time.

I’m working on a very exciting project… I don’t want to say too much about it yet, but it could be life changing and I want life changing. I want to be able to take walks at 8am in the morning when everyone else is stuck in traffic, I want to manage my own time, even if it means working later than before. I want to do what I love, I want to do what I’m passionate about, I want to do something that feels like fun and not like work.

And so, instead of sleeping when the baby sleeps, I’ve been working, I’ve been building on something… its a gamble, it could go absolutely no where in which case I will regret not having spent this time napping when the baby naps OR – and this is what I’m banking on – it could be absolutely fabulous in which case every cold freezing night I’ve sat up here in our home office, knocking away at the keyboard will have been worth it!

My precious children, I’m not just doing this for me… I’m doing this for you too! xxx