Today I have read a number of blog posts relating to poop (you can read them here & here), the relation to parenting and poop and farting and we’ve had our own poop milestone this past week, so in keeping with the poop theme… here is my over-share!



Like all parents, I have had my fair share of poop stories and poop disasters, whether it be diaper explosions, shit-up-your-back poop, yellow poop, green poop, runny poop, poop under your finger nails, poop in the bath, poop on  the carpet or in the pool and my worst… spag bol poop, but with Ava-Grace, since birth, there has been an abundance of rock hard, knock out, constipation poop!

And recent times, scraping of said poop out of miniature undies! Ava has battled constipation since she was a tiny baby and I really mean battled, I don’t just mean a poop every second day, I’m talking 5 days straight no poop, I’m talking poop so hard that when it eventually makes is appearance, it’s accompanied by much screaming and crying, I’m talking about compacted poop, I’m talking about a.n.a.l fissures, I’m talking daily doses of Pegicol and a very real phobia my poor child has developed with pooping because of the pain associated with it.

Ava has been potty trained for nearly two years, but not on the poop front. We have begged, we have pleaded, we have bribed with toys, we have snuck in low doses of laxatives, we have punished, we have cried, we have shouted, we have been at our wits end!

Enter Father Christmas and let it be known that magical man is every parents best blackmail tool. After Ava received her personalized message from Father Christmas a week before Christmas, informing her she hadn’t made it onto his nice list but she still had a few days to get there, I told her it was because Father Christmas wanted her to poop in the toilet and only if she did that would she get onto his nice list and receive Christmas presents!

24 hours later…. SUCCESS! And since then there has been much high five’ing, much fist bumping and exclamations of poop in the toilet. The best part, Ava’s new found confidence in pooping in the toilet also seems to have reduced her constipation!

She really is a big girl now…. No more baby vices…. Now just to get Hannah to the potty training phase, cos Hannah is a pooping MACHINE!