Do you watch The Good Wife (MNet Monday Nights @ 20h30)? I do, I watch it On Demand on a Tuesday, cos I can’t miss my weekly dose of hot – The Vampire Diaries. So this weeks episode of The Good Wife saw Will defending another lawyer in Federal Court. The judge was a bit of a stickler for the rules, she insisted that every time Will got up to argue that he end his argument with: “In my opinion”. Will couldn’t see the point, he felt that as it was his argument that it should be fairly clear that it was his opinion, however, the judge disagreed and required him to make that statement after each argument.

I’m starting to think that we need to do the same in blog land. I think every time I write a post about my parenting choices and parenting styles for my daughter that I should end each blog posting with: “in my opinion” and I think when we leave comments on each others blogs we should do the same, we should end our comments with “in my opinion”.

The one thing about becoming a mother that has really surprised me is just how judgmental the parenting fraternity would be. Opinions, and note this is my opinion,Β  on a wide range of subject are peddled as fact, when they are in fact a matter of personal opinion.

Everything from the pro’s and con’s of one, two, or three children, middle child syndrome, private schools versus government schools, how many toys are too many toys, if one is going to have a second child, when to start trying, too early to start trying blah blah blah….

Of course, we blog to engage in conversation and debate, but at times, the conversations feel a bit like judgments. There are some parenting blogs out there that I no longer comment on purely for this reason and there are times when I feel that the choices I’ve made for my child are judged as well.

At the end of the day,Β  in my opinion, the important thing to remember is that each of us is doing what we think is best for our child, after all, isn’t that what every parent wants? And, again, in my opinion, if the attempt is to do the best for our child, then why the judgment? Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and while there are a million books out there on what to do and what not to do, for every pro there is always a con and for every study proving something, there’s another one contradicting it. This applies to the pro’s and con’s of giving your children toys, choosing their schooling, when to allow them to start school, one child versus multiple children, large age gaps versus small age gaps.

Each to his own right?

Again, this is just my opinion!