Every time a get a bit down about the hand that I’ve been dealt with my infertility, something or someone comes along that inspire me, that make me realize there are worse things in life than being infertile. There are worse hands to be dealt. Yesterday I received an email from my friend, Tam, a video of a dude who was born with no arms and who despite being told it would be impossible to do so, learnt to play the guitar with his feet!

I reckon if he can overcome his obstacles, then so can I! A year ago I promised myself I would never let infertility rule my life again. And although it still plays a big part in my life, I’m very pleased to say, that this year is the first year since we started trying to have a baby, that I’ve actually LIVED and enjoyed life inspite of my infertility. I’ve stopped living for the “what if” and started living for the moment. We’ve taken every opportunity that has come our way and we’ve had a good year in terms of living and enjoying life.

My hope for all of us is that 2009 can be a happy year for all of us, filled with joy, fun and excitement, inspite of what infertility may throw at us.