I know from the reponses I’ve been getting to previous posts and tweetsthat you’re all as intrigued as I was by the intuitive healer that I saw yesterday morning and I would have blogged about it sooner, except I really just needed to take some time to think about the entire session and about what I wanted to share in my blog posting. It was a completely overwhelming experience for me and even today, just short of 24 hours later, I’m still experiencing something….. some remnant of the treatment…..

So if you’re a sceptic, perhaps you should stop reading about here! Because by the end of this posting I may sound like a total lunatic! 🙂

I had my session with Sharon yesterday morning, I was extremely nervous but also quite excited to see what it was all about. In the last 7 (almost 8) years, I have had 6 confirmed pregnancies, none of which were ever achievedwith the assistance of my gynae or either of the two RE’s I’ve seen. All of these pregnancies were achieved by W & I and alternative therapies (acupuncture/reflex etc) so I do believe that there is a place for alternative medicine when treating infertility in some cases.

When I got there Sharon explained that her treatment was a combination of the following:

  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Body Alignment
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Pendulum Healing
  • Intuitive Channeling

She explained that she used the Arc Angel Michael (as apparently he is incredibly powerful) and some of his subordinates for healing and channeling and that I was in a perfectly safe environment and didn’t need to feel the fear that she could feel radiating off me. She also told me that I might not hear the things I WANTED to hear, but I would hear the things I needed to hear during our session. And then we started….

My first reaction when she started working on my Chakra’s was a hectic energy surge to the point where I was unable to control my eye and arm movements, my eyes bounced and shuddered that in the end I asked to keep them open because the bouncing and shuddering was making me feel really unsettled, she arms also twitched almost uncontrollably throughout the entire session.

Then she started the channeling – she told me my Heart Chakra is totally shut down, that I’m so fearful of being hurt (from life experiences I’ve had in childhood & as a young adult) that I’ve switched my heart chakraoff and now have my thoughts confused with my feelings. She told me “they are all shouting – I can’t hear what they’re saying – but they are all shouting at me over the state of your heart”!!! She told me I don’t love myself and that I need to learn self love in order to not only give love but also receive it. She told me she could see I’d been to hell and back a number of times in m life and survived, that I had an unbelievably strong spirit and that the universe was extremely loving grateful to me! huh??  She said she would explain later.

Then she told me I had issues with my mother! Now those of you who know me will know that I believemy mother is my best friend, that I love her so unconditionally that I will kill anyone who tries to hurt her. I have no relationship with my brother because of the hurtful ways I’ve seen him treat my mother. So to hear I had mother isues was very very difficult, but as we spoke my knees started burning, like someone was holding a lit candle of them, they burned and burned and burned and so I asked Sharon about it and she told me that was the family chakra and was one side more burnythan the other. It was only when I started thinking more clearly about my Mom and seeing what she was referring to when she said I had mother issues that I noticed my left knee burning intensely more than the right one. That was when she told me that the left side of the body is female and so that burning left knee represented my relationship with my mom.

She also told me the following:

  • I listen and take to heart too much of what other people say and think of me
  • I don’t trust/respect my own power and strength
  • I’m easily hurt because I don’t trust my own intuition & follow other people’s guidelines
  • My right ear also started burning at this point and she told m that there are only two people in my life whom I don’t listen to: my long suffering husband and my father, I hear them, I think about what they say and then I decide for myself. She says the way I treat what they say I need to learn to do with EVERYONE in my life, hear it, think about it but then decide to trust my intuition
  • I need to relearn how to feel with my heart and not my head – something I’m afraid to to, I”m afraid my true emotion will completely overwhelm

Now for the part that has shaken me to the core………..

She asked me if I ever feel like I’m not alone and I said to that yes, I often felt that there was someone/something with me all the time, sometimes when I’m alone I can almost see it, not quite, its more like a shadow or a movement out the corner of my eye but its there.

She told me “they” are there. Now let me state here that I did not at any point in my session tell her that I’d had miscarriages. When she asked me why I was there to see her, I told her it was because I needed help falling pregnant and having a baby. I never once told her about having miscarriages or how many I’d had.

First she told me that I’ve had many man pregnancy losses but that the bulk of them were too early for there to be a spirit/soul assigned to the body, she could see how they had scarred me. Then she told me there are 3 beings withme, all boys and at this point I started to sobbing/wail in a way that I’ve never heard myself do before, each sob/wail burst out of me with so much force that I landed up curling myself into a tight ball while she was talking. She then said that there was a 4thone there with me as well, a girl and that even though I’d never spoken it allowed, I’d named these babies and they had claimed their names from me. I asked her what they said their names are and almost fainted when she got it spot on: Zoe (my baby girl) David, Jonathan & James. She told me they were all standing around me and she asked if I could feel them and at that point I got this warm sensation on my upper arms like I was being held in a warm embrace. She said that one of them was thanking me for a soft yellow toy I’d bought for them, they wanted me to know that they loved that toy and the gesture. I don’t know if it was hearing this, of having another human being actually acknowledge that they were babies and not just miscarriags  but it felt like my heart cracked wide open at this point. I asked her why they had to die and she explained that miscarriages happen for different reasons but that mine were because of a karmic contract I’d agreed to and that was why she’d told me earlier that the universe/God was grateful to me for something I”d done. She explained that these babies were never intended to live long lives, that they were only intended to experience that tiny bit of human life but that they needed a willing vessel to allow them to experience that tiny bit of human life, before moving on to the next phase in their existence. She explained that my spirit showed tremendous strength because I’d agreed to it not just once, but 4 times. She told me that the reason why I’d been unable to fall pregnant in the last 3 years is because I was holding onto them so tightly that I was unable to move forward. She said that one of the J’s was a way bigger foetus than he should have been and that was a testament to how my body fought to keep him in. (my last mc, I spotted lightly for six week, then had no bleeding for 80 days and then only after two rounds of Provera did I start to bleed again, on the second day of that bleeding I had excruciating pain and passed a blood mass the size of my fist)

She said I had to let them go, not just so that I could move forward, but so that they could to. At this point my sobbing was so out of control that my hair was soaking wet and my ears almost blocked from the way the tears ran into them. I started shouting at her that I didn’t want to let them go that I wanted them with me forever, and then I felt the warmthon my arms intensify and she told me they were saying they were so sorry, that it was never intended for this too hurt me so much, they said that they loved me and that a part of them/of their energy would always be with me, but that I had to release them so we could all move on. She told me that my days of miscarriages were over if I could let them go, I could move forward and put this behind me. It took almost an hour of convincing and talking and more co-ercingbefore I was able to stretch out, lie back and through God’s grace & His strengthlet them go. Shortly after I did that, as I felt my body start to relax, I started getting hectic period pains, I reached down with my one hand and prodded on my stomach and Sharon slapped my hand away and told me not to interfere that “they” were working at healing me that my sacral area and my entire pelvis was so stiff and tight from how I’d been trying to hold onto those babies.

During this time, something else also happened. The bed I was lying on was against the wall, with my right side against the wall, but I distinctly felt that somebody was standing on my right side and tapping my elbow, they tapped me 3 times. Sharon explained that we all have Guardian Angels (I do believe his, I know my Guardian Angel has plucked me out of harms way many a time in my life) and that for the next phase in my life, I was being assigned a new Gaurdian Angel, a far stronger one.

She said I had reason to be excited as things would change for me, but has asked that I take a 3 month break from all treatment to give my body a chance to expel all the poisons and medicines etc, no pills for 3 months. She also gave me a CD which she said “they” said I needed to listen to once a day, I listened to it last night and its so beautiful and soothing and peaceful that it brings tears to my eyes.

I also have a new mantra – instead of “Please God let this baby live” I need to start saying to myself : “I love myself, I love myself…..”

Some of the symptoms I experienced for the remainder of the day included the following:

  • Period Pain
  • Everything I eat or drink tastes like soap
  • Dizziness
  • Ear Pain
  • Burning in my solar plexus

There were so many other things to come out of the session, I’ll have to blog about it over the course of a couple of posts, but the most powerful thing she told me – that one of the “J’s” is coming back to me!!!

Hurry my precious boy, I’m waiting for you………….