Its been 3 weeks since my one & only session so far with Sharon, the Intuitive Healter and despite having had two further appointments scheduled with her, I’ve cancelled them both. A lot has happened in the last three weeks, I’ve gained some incredible insight into myself from the things that we spoke about and I feel like although I may not have healed physically, on an emotional level I’m in a far better place. I’ve gained incredible understanding on the things we discussed regarding my Mom, I had a major ephiphany regarding my emotions and how I protect myself from the pain of this journey, I’ve managed to gain closure on a very painful experience from a part of my infertility journey and I’ve been AD free for just over a month and feeling really good.

I’m not sure I want to go back to Sharon, I feel like I’ve gotten from it what I needed to get from it, I feel renewed by it and most of all, I feel on some level, relieved and set free from the chains of my miscarriages. Yes, they still hurt and make me sad, but I feel like they will no longer hold me back. I’ve even started considering trying naturally for a baby again which is something I haven’t been willing to do in quite some time. Having somebody acknowledge my babies, call them out by name has lighten my burden tremendously.

So has it been the miracle I needed?? I don’t know! Has it offered me healing? On an emotional level there’s no denying that it has made a huge difference to me. I’m not giving up on this treatment and have no doubt that I will at some point go back to Sharon, but for now, I’m quite keen to give it a go by myself……… or at least till my FET comes around in the next couple of months.