…for Ava-Grace. Not only did she cut her two front teeth – and go figure how weird is this, she cut a set of eye teeth first and has been walking around for the past month with a passion gap and vampire fangs!- but she also started walking in earnest. She took her first two unaided steps a couple of weeks ago. She’s still using crawling as her preferred mode of transport but now, when she stands up, she’ll take 5 or 6 unaided steps so I’m quite sure the paw-paw is about to hit the fan for us. Although, she really is a busy little girl already, giving us heart attacks and climbing up on everything, the couches, chairs, tables, whatever is bigger than she is has got to be climbed on and treated like a jungle gym!

She also went to the zoo for the very first time on Sunday and she loved it! She was most excited by the chimps and through a huge tantrum when we dragged her away. But her most favorite by far where the hippo’s. The one hippo put on a huge show for us with lots of mouth stretching and trumpeting and snorting and this got her really excited.

She really is a fully fledged toddler and there no hint left of the little baby she wants was, its sad in a way, how quickly they grow up.

Ava-Grace was quite taken with the ellies!
Look Dada... Ellies!