The last couple of months have past by in a complete blur for me so I was surprised to receive Mel’s email yesterday announcing the start of another ICLW. I’m not back from holiday so here’s a quick overview for all the ICLW’ers:

Started TTC in 2002.

2x Fertility Clinics

+/- 15x timed/medicated cycles

4x Fresh IVF’s (all BFN)

1x Stage 3 OHSS

1x FET (miscarriage)

7x First trimester miscarriages

2x Laporoscopies

1x HSG

2x Fibriod removals

1x Uterie Septum

Uterine Scarring

Grade 3 Hydrosalpingus

Tubal Ligation

Adoption Screening – 23 November 209

Birth Mum selection, 8th December 2009

Our miracle daughter born 13th December 2009

Our adoption finalized on Monday, 15th February 2010

What a whirl wind, what a miracle. As quickly as my infertility journey started with that first miscarriage, so it ended just as quickly!

Welcome to all first time ICLW visitors, I hope you enjoy your stay!