It’s My Last Day Of Maternity Leave…

And, if you’re thinking I’m in a terrible state about leaving Hannah and returning to work on Monday… well, you’d be wrong. I’ve had a great 4 months off, I really have enjoyed my maternity leave so much more than I did the first time around and it’s been a great time of reflection, of cementing who I am and what I’m about as a person, of exploring opportunities and so many great things have happened.

  • I quit smoking, can you believe it? Tomorrow it’s been 4 months since a cigarette touched these lips and I am so very very proud of myself.
  • It was once again reaffirmed for me that I am NOT cut out for being a stay at home mom. Maybe if I became a raging alcoholic I could do it? But not sure that would be best for my girls.
  • I was reminded of how much I love little girls and how much fun little girls things can be, from the toys to the clothes!
  • I went away on holiday…. TWICE!
  • I am a rock star, I traveled alone with two young children and overcame my fear of flying!
  • I attended lots of product launches and it was great to get so spoiled.
  • We hosted lots of play dates.
  • I did a lot of walking, on my own and with my children
  • Loveness is a God send,without her, our family just cannot function.
  • I did a lot of baking.
  • I cooked a lot!
  • I spent time with friends.
  • I only read two books, too busy with too little time for reading.
  • I became an iPhone convert, App addict and Instaaddict when I joined Instagram.
  • I miss earning a proper salary and HATE having to rely on others for money, I LIKE being independent!
  • We had our TV debut!
  • I was interviewed for TV TWICE – once for Doctors Orders and once for TalkSA.
  • I was interviewed for a magazine article which will appear in the Your Baby mag for September that goes on sale next week! Adoption Your Baby Sept 2013
  • My husband is the best husband in the world for ME!
  • I extended my tattoo, something I’ve wanted to do for years, into a full wrist cuff.
  • Motherhood really is FAR easier the second time around.

Do I feel guilty about leaving my girls? Yes, especially when Ava told me yesterday that she doesn’t want me to go back to work because she’s going to miss me, but I NEED to return to work, working and having something just for me and being financially independent are very much apart of what makes me feel whole and helps me be a better mom.

But I am ready. It’s been fabulous but it’s over now and it’s time for me to return to my life the way it was and should be, the way I need it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still far rather have a job that required I work from home *hint hint for anyone out there reading this who has the power to make that come true for me* ,that would really give me the best of both worlds, but for now, this will do!




  • Andrea | Clever Bird

    August 23, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Love this Sharon – amazing attitude towards returning to work, something I often feel moms get judged for – totally needed to read this after starting Addi at “school” 3 mornings a week so that I can have a bit more time for work and myself (and soon, Number 2 – eek!) My theory is: happy mom = happy baby and each of us just need to do what is best for us! Your list of achievements is amazing too, well done xxx

  • Antoinette

    August 23, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I know the feeling, my little man was born a day before Hannah and when I had to go back to work, had the same feeling. Needed to get back to work and be independent because it is definitely a case of happy mom = happy baby as this time around I had help in the form of our nanny Isabel and motherhood was definitely better/easier the second time around. Like you I also did a lot of cooking and baking and very little reading. Enjoy your first day back!!

  • Rene

    August 26, 2013 at 10:01 am

    That is a very very impressive list of things you did during maternity leave.

    My list for the first kid consisted of dr’s appointments because she had a hip problem and the list for the 2nd kid was trying to shower, wash dishes and cook, although most days all 3 were unsuccesful. I did watch a lot of tv though, because he was a wonderful content baby while I was sitting, but if I tried to do something or turned the computer on he would scream like I’m trying to murder him.


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