120238So its official! W and me and baby make three! Our 60 days officially ended at midnight on Saturday night and despite the grace period till 9am this morning, our beautiful tummy mummy ended it all by sending us a sms via our social workers last night congratulating us on the end of the 60 days! When the message came through, I burst into tears and couldn’t stop the sobbing. When I eventually did calm down, I went into my daughters bedroom and looked the most beautiful miracle as she slept and thanked God for what he has given us. After that, W, my mom, my dad and I sat up, all had a little cry (even my dad had tears in his eyes) and we drank down a couple of bottles of champagne to celebrate.

Today, if feels as if a giant elephant has been lifted off of my shoulders. She’s ours, she’s really ours, to love and nuture and raise. Despite the joy, I can’t also help but have a spot of sadness for Ava’s tummy mummy, I cannot imagine that the last two months have been easy for her and now our lives go on, hers will go one with a sore spot right in the center of her heart. I can only hope and pray that with time, the pain will get easier and that life will be good to her and that she will be blessed in many many ways. Such an amazing, deserving woman.

Today I’m off to the shops to go buy a couple of things for our trip and tomorrow we fly off to Cape Town so I’ll be out of touch for a while.

Thank you again to ALL of you who remember us in your prayers over the past weekend, for all the messages and emails of love and support, they really carried us through.