Trinity Heart has really become a labour of love for me! I am passionate about adoption (in case you hadn’t noticed) and Trinity Heart has become an extension of that passion.

For a while now, I’ve hated the look of Trinity Heart, it looks like something a Mom blogger (ahem -me) would have thrown together and just not very professional or slick at all.

Well, last night, I did a back up of the site (all by myself I might add) and decided to go balls to the wall and update the look of the site.

It was an exercise in stretching my nerves as there were a number of issues and technical difficulties and being a technotard, I’m not exactly the best person to be having free reign on on the back end of a website.

But, I DID IT! And I’m so proud of it.

Head on over to Trinity Heart and let me know what you think????

Tomorrow my BFF’s husband will help me with realigning the menu bar at the top of the page and then it will be as close to perfect as I could ever hope to get it!