Can you believe it? Its completely insane! Ava is not even 2 years old and we have already started the circuit tour of the private schools in our area. If she were going to government school we probably could wait a few more years but not for private schools. We’ve already been informed that for Grade 000 neither of the schools we have short listed are able to accommodate her. However, Walter and I have decided against putting her into Grade 000, but to rather keep her in a regular nursery school and have her start at Grade 00.

I feel quite strongly about this, for the rest of her life she will live according to a schedule, she’ll have 12 years of school, where all her time is scheduled, she could then potentially go on to study and have more of her time swallowed by someone elses schedule and then when she enters the work force… well… we all know what happens then!

In addition, because she was born in December, we are considering enrolling her a year later as deciding to put her in early, baring in mind she’ll then be a year younger than the bulk of her class mates, does make a big difference at such a young age. I started school at 5 and a half when I was not ready and it had a huge impact on my self-esteem as well as on my school career and I don’t want to be making that mistake with Ava.

Of course, the thing that bums me the most is the fact that we have to pay a rather large non refundable deposit to secure a place at one of these schools, which, with our plans to emigrate, she most likely won’t even attend. But, its her education and as my Dad always says, we have to live our lives as if our plans won’t come to fruition.

Imagine we don’t pay the deposit and we don’t secure her a spot at one of these schools? Imagine our plans to emigrate, for some unforseen reason have to be moved out by a few years? Then what will we do? We will be very limited in the choices for schooling for her and that’s just not a chance either one of us is willing to take.

Currently, we’ve short listed two schools, we’ll be seeing them both next week. I’m leaning more towards the one than the other, this is based purely on the fact that their curriculum is worked in such a way that all their students can read and write by the time they start Grade 1. The reason for this is because the school curriculum in Australia works the same way. I was chatting with my cousin and her family on Skype yesterday (remember they moved their in January) and her daughter has started Grade 2 in Australia and she’s really battling to adapt. My cousin was saying that her reading level is at a level 4 which by SA curriculum standards is perfect but the children her age in Australia are already on a reading level 22. And my poor little niece is also struggling with the spelling and mathematics that they’re doing there.

So ultimately, we’d like to have our emigration behind us prior to Ava starting school, but it for whatever reason it doesn’t work out that way, we’d like to make her transition from a school in SA to a school in Australia as seamless and easy as possible for her.

Can’t believe I’ve written a blog posting and obsessing about schooling, it was Ava-Grace’s 15 month birthday yesterday!