To drag my fat, war weary ass back on that beaten up old infertility donkey! You know, the real stubborn one that refuses to go forwards or backwards, that old donkey that seems to land you in the same place regardless of the bumpy ride or of the ugly ( and sometimes not so ugly) scenery along the way…………

So I got on the scale this morning and got a big freaking fright – 11kg’s total weight gain since my last failed IVF in March – POA – put my big fat butt on a diet like as in ASAP! No more wine and chippie parties all by myself. No more shooters cos hey its fun! No more champagne cocktails cos lets celebrate how suck hairball life can be. Its time to knuckle down to some business. I hear you all going “yeah right – we’ve heard that before” but this time I mean business. I’ve moved out my FET slightly just to try and get into better shape, so now I’m hoping to cycle again late in August or early September (also gives me a chance to build up some moola seen as I”ve been having such a good time over the last few months that I spent it all!!!).

So here is my full POA:

  1. Start following my diet as laid out by the dietitian I was seeing.
  2. I have my first appointment with an Intuitive Healer on Saturday, kinda scared for that but also really excited to see what she picks up.
  3. I’ve found a new Chirowho uses SOT blocks and other far less rough techniques and have already discussed with him working on the nerves that stimulate the blood supply to my uterus in preparation for the FET, also hoping it will help me cope with the stress a bit better. I’ve had two sessions so far and I’m already feeling a difference especially with the almost unbearable tension in my neck & right shoulder.

So help keep me accountable my checking out my progress here!