So, I’ve hinted at the fact that there was some shit going down that I didn’t blog about, well the truth is, there really is such a thing as a bitter, jealous infertile. I’ve met a few of them in the past couple of weeks, in fact I’ll own up to the fact that I, at times in the past, too was one of those jealous, bitter infertiles.  Now that my blog is private I thought I’d out them but I see I have stupidly deleted some of the truly heart warming and supportive emails I’ve received over the past couple of weeks, but I did manage to find these two gems:

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not a conflict between fertiles and infertiles or those with children and those without children. It’s the fact that some people with children let their children consume their lives and lose their own personality. There are other things to post about on facebook than things about your daughter no?

You can’t use your infertility as a crutch forever

I’ll also add that I’ve stopped reading your blog as often because how often can a person read about the woes of “being on the other side of the fence” or how your daughter won’t sleep on your schedule. I feel for you and your infertility but it’s boring now plain and simple.

Would love to hear your thoughts on that??? This was in response to the little laugh I was having at myself when I discovered that over the weekend that I’d been “unfriended” by someone on FaceBook. And I was seeing the humour in it and poking fun at myself because I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing in the past. When some bodies pregnancy updates and baby photo’s got too much for me to bare, if they weren’t a close friend, I’d just delete them.

So yes, I too have been guilty of being the jealous, bitter infertile but it was like a bucket of ice water was thrown over my head when I received those two emails.