I’m stunned, I’m so surprised this morning! Today is CD25 of my bang on regular 28 day cycle and I figured today would be a good time to let the HPT obsession begin for this cycle. I went to bed last night and actually dreamt about POAS with my FMP today. I woke up before the alarm went off and lay there rather impatiently waiting for it to be time….

Finally, the alarm sounds, I jump out of bed, sneak the test into the bathroom, quietly open the wrapper, pee on it and sit and stare at it. Is that… Could that… Yes? No? Eventually after sitting there for ages I decide I’m being ridiculous and if turning the test in every angle and light to try and squint to see if I can see a second line, then it must be negative. So I grab a wad of loo paper, do whats needed and as I’m about to drop the loo paper in the toilet, guess what I see?? Yup, you guessed it! Blood! How is that for a prime example of how Murphy (you little f*cker) loves to mess with our infertile minds!

This is about the second time in my entire life as a woman that I’m having a 25 day cycle. Which has got me wondering……. Is there yet another problem about to be added to mix of my already topsy turvy confused fertility diagnosis or is this more about Divine timing. You see, I’m going on holiday to Cape Town to visit m family on the 9thAugust. Now if this was going to be a regular cycle length it would mean that next ovulation would occur while visiting my family which would mean that if my FS suggests we go the IUI route again, we’d have to wait a cycle. If he suggests we go the stimmed, timed route, well there is no way I’m having sex with W while my parents sleep in the room next door.

So, trying very hard to be my usual, the glass IS half full, silver linning type of person, I’m choosing to think that this is divine timing, this way whatever my FSsuggests when we chat next week we can still have an attempt this month.

But thanks anyway Murphy, for the wasted R40 on the Maybe Baby damn test that I pee’d on! Perhaps I should take the advise below, I’d probably also save a LOT of money on blast HPT’s!