And no, I’m not referring to the Soccer World Cup ‘cos unless you’ve been asleep for the past couple of months, you’d know, that has come and gone already.

What I’m referring to has been just as eagerly anticipated, but not by millions, only a couple of us, namely, Walter and I. And the Ké Nako, it is here, has been preceded by much unpleasantness, lots of tears, runny tummy’s, snotty noses, messed up day time sleep routines, refusal of dummies, early mornings started with lots of screaming, refusal to eat and lots of other not such pleasant stuff, which included being pinched and scratched during the throes of many tantrums.

This morning did not start like any other morning in our household. We did not wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the irritating buzz of our alarm, instead we were woken up by the screams of our little baby, screaming bloody murder, completely inconsolable at 04h45. After many attempts to calm and soothe her, while staring down at her as she writhed and screamed bloody murder I noticed something… something white, something glistening in the midst of the red, mushy mess that is Ava’s gums.. a tooth! Halle-freaking-luja !!! The first tooth is FINALLY out!!! It looks like the second one is in hot pursuit… the gum where that tooth will emerge also has that swollen, white look about it.

I seriously hope that the second one emerges really quickly and not three weeks like this one, so that perhaps, things can go back to the way they were? So that perhaps, I won’t get pinched and scratched when I try to comfort Ava in the throes of a melt down. So that she will eat her food again instead of spitting and slapping it away from her face and most trying of all… so that she will take her dummy again and return to her original day time sleep routine!

While I’m utterly thrilled that the offending tooth which has caused so much drama and discomfort is finally out, I’m also a little bit sad… my little baby is growing up way to fast! She’s not a little baby anymore!