Keeping The Magic Of Christmas Alive

Christmas – it’s the most magical time of year.

For me anyway. I love it. The festive foods, the warm weather, the precious time spent with family and friends, even though there’s usually a barny or too along the way. Everything about Christmas is magical for me and I want to bring that magic to my children.

So each year, I work hard at creating magic for them. Even though their dad, my husband, is a bit of a Christmas grinch who moans and complains the whole way through. Especially when I make him hang up the garden lights, one year I even had an outside tree, I thought he was going to have a stroke when I started decorating it too. I insist on putting up a big, Christmas tree, weighed down with every red and green Christmas ornament. I love Christmas carols. 

I especially love creating magic for my children.

We write letters to Santa. We sing the songs. My Dad even dresses up as Father Christmas for the girls. We visit all the local spots to check out the lights and participate in all the Christmas cheer.

I create personalized videos for them on Santa’s Portable North Pole. Have you done this for your little one? If you haven’t, you simply must!

I even have a number of apps installed on my phone to receive personalized calls from Santa to Ava and Hannah. 

Get yours here:


Google Play Store

So imagine how upset I was, when I’ve spent years cultivating this magic, that I know will only last a little longer, only to have Ava tell me that someone at her school told her Father Christmas isn’t real on the day we received such beautiful Christmas drop from Kid’s Emporium!

I tried everything to rekindle Ava’s belief and for now, I think I may have succeeded! First of all, I scheduled a call from Santa using the app.  

Only, it was a bit of a fail!

Because you can personalize the type of call, I scheduled a call from Santa to Ava where he talks to her about how he is real because look, he’s calling her. When he called and said her name and told her that he’d heard she’d said he wasn’t real. She burst into tears and started saying, Santa, I promise, it wasn’t me who said that, please don’t put me on the naughty list.

Poor little heart cried her eyes out that Santa would think she no longer believed.

We also received a Magic Elf’s Door from Kid’s Emporium!

  The Magical Elf’s Door also comes with a beautiful letter from Santa, explaining how the elves and Mrs Claus are all busy at work setting everything up for Christmas. But that if you set your elf’s door up at home, the elves will come and check on you to make sure you are being a good boy or girl.

Only this was a bit of a fail for us too!

Because on the first night we set up the elf’s door, Ava became fixated on the fact that there were elves running around her room at night and she made me get up in the night to check under her bed! Thankfully that has passed and now she leaves food out for the elves each night. 

This year is also extra exciting for me because Hannah is now at an age where she gets Christmas and she is SO excited for Father “Mickmus” to visit her.

How do you keep the magic of Christmas alive for your children?

P.S. The Magical Elf’s Door is exclusive to Kid’s Emporium, you can buy one for your family for R350 here.



  • Laurika

    November 29, 2016 at 11:51 am

    I used to tell my kids that those little brown flying Christmas beetles were Santa’s little spies, which is why they are called “Christmas beetles”. They always come over December time and I explained that they check on what the kids are doing and report back to Santa. So I had very well behaved kids right up until Christmas day. Until one year I found my son crying his eyes out because he accidentally stepped on one and killed it. He claimed the others were going to tell Santa and he’ll never get another present again. Suppose this was also a fail on my part?

  • Jodie

    November 30, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Ah another person who feels the same way as me about Christmas! My mum does such an awesome job of getting the Christmas feel going, I don’t even have a chance to do it. She’s brought everything from a key for Santa to get in (‘cos we don’t have a chimney) to a stop sign for the reindeers (thanks Woolies :-)). We put the cookies and milk out and the stockings up. Not much excitement at the moment in the house though ‘cos both boys’ birthdays are coming up (the 5th and the 11th), but thereafter, we’ll turn the spirit up!!!

  • paddatjiesema

    December 5, 2016 at 11:52 am

    This sounds exactly like me. I also love Christmas, and everything about it, and husband doesn’t really care. But this year for the first time he even helped with the decorations. But while driving the other day the older girl started talking about the kids at school saying Father Christmas isn’t real and the tooth fairy etc. I tried to get her to stop talking because she was spoiling it for the younger kid. Ended up saying if you don’t believe in him he disappears and you don’t get presents.


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