Yesterday we headed off for our second session as part of the Little Village of Kinder Music. Walter came with as he wanted to see what it was all about and also to take some photo’s but damn Murphy stepped in and wouldn’t you know it, the camera’s battery died after only ONE photo! So I’ve got some photo’s to share, but the quality is very poor as they’re taken with my BlackBerry and Walter’s hands aren’t very steady so some of them are blurred but you’ll get the idea.

I had the same reaction yesterday as the previous week, the first few songs I simply couldn’t sing I was so choked up and the tears of gratitude were brimming in my eyes for the first few minutes.

At last weeks class I also bought Ava the home kit which we received yesterday. It’s so cute and she seems to be loving it. I’ve put her wall charts up at her changing mat and she noticed them straight away, now when we get dressed or change a nappy we discuss the pretty flowers and all their colours and apparently this is very important for stimulating the motor neurons that improve language. Her home kit also included a book, which she mostly just wants to chew on but the Jenny, our Kinder Music practitioner has assured me that this is good as this is the way that babies discover the world. So for now, we sit and look at the pictures and I tell her about the colours while she attempts to chew the book. We also got a CD with 31 songs on it, including all the songs we sing in class and Ava just loves it. She especially loves the Irish Jig as I carry her and dance around at the same time and she thinks is hilarious!