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Learn A Lesson From Me – Don’t Play Chicken With A Taxi Driver!

This morning, after a brain fart of epic proportions, where I decided it would actually be a smart idea to drive to work on the highway as opposed to the network of back roads I usually use to get to the office, all 10km’s away, because you know, next week e-Tolls come into effect and I guess NO ONE will be using the highways then,  I learned a rather terrifying lesson – don’t EVER play chicken with a taxi driver… they really are the thugs everyone tells you they are. Is that a gross generalization? Perhaps, but after my experience this morning, that is my opinion.

The highway was a clusterf*ck. What shouldn’t have taken me more than 20 minutes to drive, landed up taking close on two hours. Frustrations were high and I was getting more and more pissed off with the number of cars and taxi’s who simply decided to hell with everyone else, and using the emergency lane as a 5th lane on the highway. And of course, there wasn’t a single JMPD vehicle anywhere insight! I was in the far left hand lane, the 4th one, not the 5th fictitious lane they had created. My mind wandered, in the stop start traffic, crawling along at a snails pace and I drifted across slightly into the emergency lane, now being used as a 5th lane by retarded pigs. The next thing, a taxi was up my arse, swerving around me and trying to force me to move over for him by creating a 6th fictitious traffic lane between lanes 3 & 4! I kept my cool and kept driving, he can piss off as far as I was concerned.

The next thing, I was surrounded by them! Two in front preventing me from pulling forward and out of harms way, two on either side, who slapped my side mirrors on both sides of my car so they were lying flat and they could up the intimidation by practically crushing my car and a 5th taxi driving my arse! I will admit, I sharted at this point but worse was still to come. The driver of the taxi on my right then produced a very large knife which he was waving at me in a very threatening and intimidating way.

No one tried to intervene and frankly I don’t blame them. They drove like that with me for a little ways, waving the knife, showing disgusting hand gestures and shouting out the windows at me. All the while their passengers sat passively as if nothing was happening, before swerving back into the 5th fictitious traffic lane and driving off.

I was seriously shaken, my hands shook so badly that I could barely grip the steering wheel and my feet were shaking so much, I could hardly control the clutch &  accelerator to keep moving forward.

I have always told Walter that it’s not worth playing chicken with the taxi drivers and this morning I learned first hand. It really isn’t. They are just a bunch of unlawful thugs with no respect for the lives of others using our roads! The thing that saddens me the most about this entire incident is the amount of hate I have felt towards them (all taxi drivers) after this mornings incident. I don’t want to be a person who is filled with hate, but hate and fear are my overriding emotions right now.

I am just so thankful that neither of my children were in the car with me.



  • Carla Pegg (@carlieshell)

    November 27, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    I was wondering if the girls were with you… thank goodness not or that would have made it even worse. I too learnt my lesson last year when I tried to stop a taxi from cutting and he punched my mirror and broke it. Then he drove next to me for a long time intimidating me. Horrible horrible stuff! I also do not like to be a person filled with hate but all my hatred is certainly directed towards taxi drivers 🙁 BIG HUG for you!

  • Paula

    November 27, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    Shame how awful! I have to drive through the middle of Pretoria to get to work and have also learnt that lesson well there. They really are just a bunch of thugs.

  • Elize

    November 27, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Omg! You must have been shit scared! I witnessed two incidents involving taxis and and ordinary road users, it was then that I decided they can do exactly what they want I won’t be interfering. Ever.

  • belindamountain

    November 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Can’t believe how many taxi stories there are! I have also had two run ins with taxi drivers, including having knobkerries waved at me, rude hand gestures and threats, all because I refused to be bullied on the road. Sorry for your experience but glad you are okay.

  • MeeA

    March 3, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    David took my car to work yesterday, as I needed his bakkie to make a delivery to one of our clients. He had a similar thing happen – A taxi driver tried to push over into David’s lane by forcing David out of his lane. He refused to move, so the taxi driver pulled up alongside him, wound down his window and smacked off my car’s side mirror with his fist. Right off! Obviously, he’s done this often enough that he knows exactly how to smack it off with ease. David decided he wasn’t going to get into a fight with the guy and drove off but happened to land up just behind the same taxi at a traffic circle a little further along. So he pulled up next to it, wound down his window and smashed the taxi’s side mirror off, too. Let’s hope the bastard has to explain to the taxi boss why his side mirror is missing…
    Still, I wasn’t even there and the whole thing left me feeling nauseated and full of hate. 🙁


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