It was the 16th December 2009, 3 days after Ava was born, when IT happened. When I realized I balanced precariously on the balance board of being a concerned mother versus a paranoid mom. We’d woke up early that morning as we had our flight back to Jozi later that morning. Ava was sleeping and I’d packed up all our stuff and was getting ready to go to the airport. I decided to top and tail Ava and change her before flying home. What I found in her nappy frightened the living crapsticks out of me. Yellow, mushy, smushy, stinky, squidgy poo complete with a long strand of mucus which appeared to be coming out of her donsie!


In the car, hazard’s flashing, high tail it to Constantiaberg Medi Clinic!

Finally get to see the pediatrician on call…..

She casually strolls in, opens Ava’s nappy, looks at us, smiles and says:

“Oh my… you really are new parents aren’t you?!”


So it turns out that what we had assumed was some horrible form of diarrhea that was bound to cause dehydration and hospitalization was in fact….. her first normal poo after passing the Meconium!  (this is what happens when you have a 6 day pregnancy! Totally CLUELESS!)

Since then I’ve had to work hard at not being an overly neurotic mother and trust me, when you’re a naturally anxious person, finding the balance between being neurotic and caring for ones child can be really quite hard.

So last night when Walter called me to come and look at the rash on Ava’s back, I tried not to panic. I casually inspected her spotty back and noticed that it is also on her stomach.

Naturally my first thought is German Measles! But I’m trying to tell myself that I’m being ridiculous! Her vaccinations are all up to date and she does not appear to be ill, be out of sorts or have even a hint of fever. I did of course rewash all of he new spencers in case it’s that that is causing this reaction but as you can imagine, I am a little concerned and wandering what has caused the rash!

Instead, I’m going to try and distract myself with these gorgeous photo’s of my beautiful girl.

We’re going through a phase where she copies EVERYTHING I do, hence this photo!
So are you a paranoid mama or a real cool cat? Sometimes I feel very foolish about the conclusions I jump to and the things I worry about! So make me feel better… pahleeeze?