Let’s Fight So They Don’t Have To!

Meet Manny! He is a Pitbull rescue. When he was rescued, he was found chained up, starved and severely abused. He had no hair on his body. He was covered in cigarette burns & sores. The vets wanted to euthanize him. He was that far gone, at deaths door. But love and compassion saved him.

He is my families second Pitbull. The previous one, Rocky, was the most incredible dog too!

Meet Maggie! She was found by CLAW after a tip off, in a ditch behind a scrapyard known for dog fighting. Her jaw had been broken for sometime, all her teeth on the ones side had been smashed out, she was emaciated, had bite wounds all over her body and a severed leg! 


Image courtesy of Team Maggie on FB

You can visit Maggie’s FB page to see her rescue photo’s, I can’t bring myself to share them here. It is suspected she was either a fighting dog, or a bait dog, either way she was discarded to die a lonely and painful death but the sub-humans who were responsible for her care. 

Guys, did you know that dog fighting has increased by 500% in South Africa over the past few years? 

And here’s why you should care, even if you’re not a dog lover yourself – 

Dog fighting in a community is both an indicator and a predictor of a decaying society.

That’s over and above the fact that this  is a barbaric, incredibly cruel and inhumane bloodsport, it is also a breeding ground for crime.

These dogs are horrifically treated. They’re not given veterinary care. They’re not fed, they’re tethered down with logging chains to trigger aggression and encourage survival instincts.

And don’t even get me started on what happens to bait animals. These are our pets. Our cats and dogs stolen to use as bait and in the most unfair way possible. I don’t want to go into details because I don’t want to be accused of being violently graphic. But this is a topic I’m passionate about and I’ve SEEN what gets done to these animals.

The NSPCA needs us to get behind them and support them. They are the ONLY legal body that can intervene, that have the authority to break up dog fighting rings. We NEED to support them because this is a problem with such rapid increase in our country and it’s leading us down a spiraling path of tolerance to violence and other crime. 

I know not everyone has liked how the NSPCA and Cardies have handled this controversial campaign. But you know what? Like it or hate it, it has worked. It got your attention. And when truly believe that if you have an awareness about something, you also have a responsibility to help. 

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So here’s what you can do to help:

Send an SMS:


Buy one of the Red Paw Project products!

I bought the bracelets, but you can also get socks or infinity scarves from your local Cardies store.

Spread the word of the Red Paw Project. Like them on FaceBook

Are you with me? Let’s do it, for the fighting dogs, the bait dogs, heck, all the dogs, let’s fight for them so they don’t have to! Because they deserve kisses and cuddles, not chains and pain!


Morning cuddles & kisses with my favorite human! #pitbulladvocate #pitbullambassador #pitbullsofinstagram

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