SaturdayCuddlesWithDadAva is the luckiest girl in the world and I must be the luckiest wife. We share the most amazing man! W is an incredible father! Everyone comments on how well I seem to have adjusted to motherhood in such a short period of time, baring in mind that prior to the 8th December we had no inkling of how our world was about to be rocked. I can, with 100% certainty say that a large part of the reason is because how hands on and super involved W is with Ava.

Before he leaves for work every morning, he ensures all her bottles are washed and sterilized, that the water has boiled and cooled and that all of her bottles have been filled with water and stacked in the fridge ready for the formula to be added! When he comes home from work, he always takes her from me, claiming this as his quality time with her, so he always settles her and gets her to sleep in the evenings. And EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, when she wakes up for her first feed, whether it be 11pm or 1am, he always gets up, prepares her bottle and gives her her first night feed, changes her nappies and gets her back to sleep.

She turns 6 weeks tomorrow and for the last week has started skipping out on one of her night time feeds. With our current routine, this means that I’ve been able to get a full night sleep in almost every night. Going to bed at around 9pm and getting to sleep till just past 5am, all because my amazing husband insists on doing that feed. He says he feels he misses out on time with her, so that’s his way of spending a little extra time with her.

All of this has made adapting to being a new mom far easier!

So lets hear it for my man!!!!