I saw an article in one of our local magazines about Reef and I have been deeply touched by his story and have an overwhelming desire to help in whatever small way that I can. As a mother, I cannot imagine how traumatic and devastating it must be for this family. If it were, God forbid, my child, I’d do everything within my means to save her and I’d hope that people would do something small to help us too.

Reef was diagnosed with  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) when he was only 5 months old.  He has been through intensive chemo therapy and has had a bone marrow transplant.  The bone marrow transplant was, from what I can read, a success, however, Reef has since developed Graft-Versus-Host-Diseas (GVHD) and he is gravely ill and in a lot of pain and discomfort. I read his story in the magazine with tears streaming down my face. No child should know this pain!

Here is an extract from the latest posting on how Reef is doing:

This year has been a very hard one for Reef and for us. In Feb we almost lost him to a CMV pneumonia. God saved him and he started to recover. He started to try to walk and he was happy until he got an enchephalisus and ended up in ICU once again. He suffered several seizures and this affected his left side of his body and he was set back drastically. He went home on oxygen and stopped eating all together and has been on an NG tube ever since. He has suffered brain injury and he required rehabilitation to get him to function again. We explored many different rehab centres and consulted many doctors and noone knows how to treat or deal with GVHD. We found out that Reef had a severe Mastoiditus in his ears and thats what caused the enchphalitus. He had grommets inserted. We also realized his teeth were infected and he had to have most of them removed. Reef has been to hell and back this year. His graft vs host is bad and has caused contractures of his hands, hips, knees and ankles. Again, we have consulted our oncologist and other doctors to be told there is nothing that can be done for him. Ryan and I decided we would not accept this and began the search for answers in the US. We contacted 5 different hospitals and were turned away from all but Los Angeles Childrens Hospital agreed to do an evaluation on Reef but we needed to go there. With God and all our friends, family and facebook contacts we were able to take him for this evaluation. All our hopes were hanging on this hospital and after seeing the facilities and meeting the doctors, our dream came true “Yes Mr and Mrs Carneson, we can help Reef become a “normal” child who can run, jump, play, draw” Thats all we needed to hear. We were told that the docters want Reef to return to LA by the 1st November to start the 2 months of intense in patient treatment and then continue for 2 years as an out patient. We were overjoyed and excited untill we recieved the cost from the hospital…..$110 000 deposit on our return to cover the 2 months in hospital and a grand total of $500 000 for the complete 2 year treatment! not including living costs, rent etc!!! so now we have embarked on this journey to try to raise this ridiculous amount of money! We have been told by our medical aid that they will not pay a cent to help us and now all we can do is pray and beg everyone to please help us to get Reef the treatment he so desperately needs. If he does not get this treatment he may go blind, deaf and end up wheel chair bound! Please, pray for us, tell everyone Reefs story, donate and lets give Reef a chance to be a “normal” child. In GOD WE TRUST!

So here are the ways which you can help:

Make A Donation:

Account Name : RDJ Carneson

Bank : Standard Bank
Branch :
Bank Address : 288 Weltevreden Rd, Black Heath, Northcliff, Gauteng 2115

Branch Code : 006305
Account number :

Swift Code : SBZAZAJJ
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Tweet/SMS This:

Save Baby Reef: savebabyreef.com via @AddThis – please read this and SMS REEF to 38777 for a R10 donation.RT please for this little guy.

Please everyone, one sms, one small donation? If everyone committed to doing something small it would make a collective huge difference.